Tis the Season ...

Christmas market are by far one of my favourite past times during the festive period so it was a no brainer I wanted to do my very own stall. This was all very new to me and honestly was excited worried and no clue what to expect on the other side of the stalls. So I applied for not one but 3 stall. Yep that's right 3!

Oh What's Occurring ....

Image courtesy of Barry Magazine    

My first Stall was the Holton Road Christmas market light switch on with the sensational oh whats occurring Nessa from Gavin and Stacey. Cold wet and rainy my partner and I with some help from my mum packed up the car and headed to Holton Road. 

From cupcakes to Jewellery and home ware all local business  working together honestly the atmosphere was electric. Talking to so many people the day went so quick.

The one highlight from the day was a lady kindly popped over to the stall to explain she had purchased melts from my pride stall she went on to explain how much she is enjoying them. Just this one act of kindness I was taken a back and was so grateful for her kind words.

Lights, Camera, Bra's & Prosecco ....

As your aware I stock exclusive candles and wax-melts in Aspirations owned by the lovely Glyn and Deb.I attempted to obtain a stall for the Christmas lights to be switched on in High Street but didn't manage to secure one. As Glyn and Deb were away on a much needed holiday during the event they suggested I work in the shop for the evening alongside another small business owner who also stocks at Aspirations Hayley from Amber Noir.  I jumped at the chance warm shop with heaters, toilet on premises and I got to play shop for the evening.

 I arrived with Prosecco in hand a tub of celebrations and   boxes full of candles and wax-melts. The evening was   steady with customers floating in and out. Hayley and I   attempted to capture the evening in as many pictures as   we could take. We evening managed a Pano photo trick   after at least 20 attempts. 

The bottom of High Street was a vision of lights and crowds gathering around the stage watching the Christmas performances and soaking up the Christmas ambience. The crowd stopped half way up the street which was such a shame as the top of High Street has some of the most stunning boutique indie shops just waiting to welcome people through their doors. I felt the event only included half of the street which honestly was frustrating to see but with a little help from the man on the light up bicycle we started to see more faces venturing up to us.

The evening was so much fun and thoroughly enjoyed working alongside Hayley. Thanks to Deb & Glyn for letting us play shop for the evening.


Lush Coffee with A&L

Last but not least on 8th December (day after my work Christmas party I was home in my PJ's by 11pm) it was the Annie and Lolo Christmas Market @Academy Espresso Bar.This coffee shop is one of my favourite place to chill in Barry and comes alive on the weekends with some amazing cocktails their espresso martini's are divine. But I was not there to drink but to run my last Christmas stall of the season.

I roped in the help from mum who honestly was amazing tying bows on boxes and helping package the candles. It was very sweet she had her proud mum moments of telling customers her daughter makes every product (she is too cute).

 I felt from working on other stalls over the last few weeks     I needed to work on my display. My Carpenter Craig took   on the challenge to build me display tabletop benches at   different heights. I could not be more pleased with the   results I practised how the display was to look to not   waste time on the day.

The Market ran from 1pm til 6pm and I was located on the lower floor with other amazing local businesses. I was placed next to Jude from A New Form Jewellery, each of her items are handmade and I was fascinated as she sat making the jewellery on her stall. If you get change please take a look her products they are beautiful. Each stall was so unique and beautiful pieces of art bringing something different then your standard gifts.

With coffee flowing and people gathering the market was buzzing it was just amazing to be part of. We got to the point of all candles selling out and needed to take orders, it was honestly so overwhelming. There were so many amazing people I met on the day from Barry and the Vale of Glamorgan. 

Thank you to Annie & Lolo for letting me part of this fantastic event.


So the first year of Christmas Stalls was an absolute success. I honestly learnt so much and they're is so much more to learn. Planning is definitely key so I will definitely be getting a planner for the new year.

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and happy New Year !!!!


Hannah x